Candle of kindness| Charity candle| Kindness candle| 9 oz soy candle

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Make a room feel comfortable or cozy and bring serenity to your environment. Create that special warmth and ambiance to allow for a sense of calm and well-being with this vanilla scented candle. This delicate refreshing scent of vanilla freshens the air without irritating delicate olfactory.  
Look no further, this is it. This very affordable sized candle gift satisfies. Always acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a variety of occasions. Be the hostess with the most’test.  Or thank your hostess with a gift they CAN use. 
ENJOY your candle. Always trim the wick to ¼ inch before every use and be sure to place candles away from drafts, vents or air currents. 
 - 9 ounce hand poured candle
 - Approximate 50 hrs burn time.
 - Vanilla scented.
 - Cotton wick [note: Lead wicks have been officially banned in the United States since 2003]
 - Made in a 95/15 blend of soy wax for clean burning.
 - Fastened with black metal lids for maximum fragrance preservation. 
 - Label is sublimation printed.
 - Ships in crush proof packaging to ensure no breakage in transit.
 - Printed and shipped from the USA.

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